Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Inner Light

Inner Light SmallerCome speak to me / Come set my mind free
To Let the shine / Out from the inside
Where life becomes mine / To love what I find
Come speak to me / Come set my mind free

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


At maximum velocity, we commit atrocities.
A switch thrown, a trigger pulled, a knife shown, a fuse blown.
There's no slowing the speed at which our seed will proceed
Into a world that deems our rights a mockery.

No holds barred this world is beyond barbaric.
The barbs of half-truths strangle our youth until we no longer seek proof of our own will.
Our own passions delayed, a passive mind-set conveyed,
Tragic knots of dead thoughts leaves our weakness displayed.

Until thought becomes action and our embers burn red-hot,
We cannot let a single drop of time sink into the brine of endless decline.
We must rise beyond the tides, rise beyond the lies we feed ourselves.
Lift us off the shelf, dust us off, and bid fear farewell.