Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animation Schoolage - Week 1: Basics

First week of Animation Schooling, I started with the basics: Timing & Spacing.
Watching Richard Williams and reading his book has really helped. Here are some of the results:

Spacing Experiments

StaticBallBounce - SpacingPendulum

Pendulum RefinedDifferent Types of Balls


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Animation Program Primer - Part 4


  1. Uphill Road

  • Draw a road going uphill, with buildings and houses following it into the distance

  • The perspective should be a bit higher than the rooftops

  1. Downhill Road

  • Draw a road going downhill, with buildings and houses following it into the distance

  • The perspective should be at ground level looking down the hill

  1. Stairs

  2. Spiral Staircase

  3. Forced Perspective

  • Draw a forced perspective scene similar to the ones used in the action sequences of comics

  1. Analyze/Reproduce Layouts

  • Study the backgrounds and layouts in films

  • Try to reproduce them, looking at composition and colour

  1. Analyze/Reproduce Paintings

  • Study Landscape or scene paintings

  • Try to reproduce them, looking at composition and colour

Major Resources:

-          Framed Ink; Marcos Mateu-Mestre
-          Art analysis books

Animation Program Primer - Part 3


  1. Read Shot by Shot

  2. Movie Freeze Frame

  • Pick a 5-10 minute scene of any movie you enjoy or want to analyze

  • Board out every major action, shot change, composition change, or other indicators according to Shot by Shot

  • Spend only 1-5 minutes on each board

  1. Movie Scripts

  • Find the movie scripts for films you enjoy or want to analyze

  • Read the script then board out one scene however you want

  • Watch the scene in the movie then compare your shots with the director’s

Major Resources:

-          Shot by Shot; Steven Douglas Katz
-          Hitchcock/Truffaut Interview
-          Framed Ink; Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Animation Program Primer - Part 2

Character Design

  1. Design 3 Characters - Do an expression sheet, rotation, and action poses for each

  2. Design an Anthropomorphic Character

  3. Animate this character in sequence - One scene, fixed camera. The character enters, has a conflict, resolves the conflict, and leaves

  4. Create different age versions of the same or different characters - Baby, Teenage, Young Adult, Adult, Old

Major Resources:

-          Creating Characters with Personality; Tom Bancroft
-          http://livlily.blogspot.ca/
-          Pixar Art Of books
-          Analyse Characters wherever you can

Additional Exercises:

-          10 minutes each day; Draw a random shape or gesture and create a quick character off of that

Animation Program Primer - Part 1

Here is list of exercises for those of you who want to get a head start on learning the basics of animation, character design, layout, and story-boarding. Cheers!


Try to complete one assignment a week:

  1. Ball Bounce

  2. Bowling Ball Bounce

  3. Different Types of Balls

  4. Balloon & String

-          All the basic principles of animation can be learned with these: Squash and Stretch, Timing, Spacing, Primary and Secondary Action

  1. Seaweed/Book Page Turn

  2. Marine Animal

  3. Ball & tail

-          These focus on overlap, action, s-curve and c-curve
-          Study the tails of animals and look for student work online

  1. Walk Cycle - Do 3 different walks with the same character, each with different personality, weight, or movements in them

  2. Animal Walk Cycle

  3. Head turn

  4. Expressions

  5. Dialogue

-          This is where you can really begin to play with personality. Choose one character of your own design or from http://livlily.blogspot.ca/
-          Study the walk cycles in animated movies, and how personality is shown in the movement

  • Josh suggests: 101 Dalmatians, and the Intro of Robin Hood

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seneca Portfolio Pieces

Yesterday I handed in my portfolio for the Seneca Animation Program.

9 months of work it took to get here, but I can finally use my hands the way they were meant to be used.

This is just the start. A lifetime more of exploration awaits.

Animal Optional Object 2 Object 1 Life Main 2 Feet Sheet Hand Sheet Life Optional 2 Life Optional 1 Life Main 1