Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animation Schoolage - Week 1: Basics

First week of Animation Schooling, I started with the basics: Timing & Spacing.
Watching Richard Williams and reading his book has really helped. Here are some of the results:

Spacing Experiments

StaticBallBounce - SpacingPendulum

Pendulum RefinedDifferent Types of Balls


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  1. Chris Cherkas Critique:
    For sure I can comment. On your timing and spacing bouncy balls. don't have the same timing going down, as you do going up. Especially on the perpetually bouncing bouncy ball. It makes them feel even, and robotic because of it. Even altering the timing a bit from the up to the down can make a big difference.//

    Never animate at 12 FPS. It's very rare that that timing is ever used. Animate at the standard 24 FPS, or 30 FPS(which is what most TV is at). IT's the wrong feel//

    when you animate on ones at 12 FPS compared to if you're animating on twos at 24 FPS. Plus, if you feel you need some single frames of a drawing, then you can put them in at 24 FPS. You can't at 12 FPS.//

    The bowling ball falls too slowly. Give it some impact, and do bubbles ever really fall? If you can, shoot reference, if not, find reference of what you're animating. Make it a habit now, and you'll do it all the time. Just remember, you're interpreting the reference you find, not copying it. Last thing, try drawing your bouncy balls bigger. Gives a different feel to what you're drawing.//