Saturday, August 3, 2013

Art Journey Update - Solo trek

So, it's been quite a strange year.
The hell am I talking about, every year is a strange year.
And they just keep getting stranger and stranger...
Exponential strange-ocity.

But hey that's life. DEAL WIF IT

Anyways just wanted to put an update 'out there'.
Major decision for this year, I've decided to hold off on going to animation school.
The reasons being:

  1. To see how far I can push on my own

  2. To explore and begin making art that I can show

  3. To prepare for school

  4. To work and save up money

Over the next year I will document my progress weekly. Posting up art I've been working on, reflections on the journey, and resources that I find along they way. Maybe someone else can learn from my solo trek up the art mountain.

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