Saturday, August 3, 2013

Project SkyBound

So since the only way to learn is by doing the damn deed, I thought I'd tie all the areas of animation into a personal project to keep it fun. Doing individual exercises is great, but if you can link them up into something that makes it meaningful to you then all the better.

I present Project SkyBound: A story about sky-ships, pirates, and adventure!

The premise is after a great war, peace comes to the world. Technological breakthroughs during wartime have birthed airships and a new age begins. An ex-military man sets of to the skies to explore the new world.

It will be a mix between anthropomorphic characters and fantasy, two of my favorite things. It hearkens back to my childhood memories of reading Brian Jacques' Redwall series.

God I loved those books.

Character Designs

Starting with just the generic story roles; Villain, Love Interest, Hero, and Comedic Relief.

The Villian, known only as 'The Bull' for now, was a product of the losing side of the war. Born into rough times, he eventually becomes a feared pirate. Brash, violent, ruthless.

The Love Interest started off as a sheltered young noblewoman who wants adventure, and sneaks aboard the Hero's ship. After playing around with the character however, I decided to make her much younger and change the love interest from a regular match-up to a father-daughter relationship. The story could be that she teaches this ex-military man something about the value of real relationships or something along those lines.

Here the rough turnarounds. Just playing around with the shapes and figuring out the personalities.

Bull Pirate

Panther Girl

To follow are the Hero and the Comedic Relief.
Perhaps when those are done, some supporting cast will join the ranks.

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