Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Master Study - #1

My first attempt at a master study.
The original Image is Frank Frazetta's Silver Warrior.

For each study, I broke it down into individual components.

Gesture + Perspective

ff-silverwarrior study -_0006_Gesture
Design + Composition
ff-silverwarrior study -_0005_Gesture
Value Study
ff-silverwarrior study -_0003_Layer 4
Reverse Construction
ff-silverwarrior study -_0002_Layer 5And then a personal attempt based on the major elements of the original. Some kind of undead rider of beasts on a moonlit night.
ff-silverwarrior study -_0000_Layer 7I must confess that I have no bloody idea what I'm doing yet. Studying master artists is one of the pillars of mastery however.
More to come.

1 comment:

  1. Great job with the studies! Try combining some of the studies together to see what will happen. And when you do your own drawing based off of the original, use what you learned in the studies!!! Gesture, perspective, composition/negative shape, all seems to be greatly lacking in your attempt compared to your studies. Keep doing more, it's the best way to get better!